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Architecture is today synonymous of design created for the welfare of man. This should include the respect for harmony , the history of the building , the rules created by man and especially the culture of the place.


A true architect is not limited to the mere construction of buildings , but he should takes you" by the hand " and lead you along a path .. from consultation to Grand Design and support you through every step of the project. Not only the big picture, but also in the smallest of details, in order to achieve complete harmony through the integration of life and design.


Architectural Projects are not just about drawings and submitting the necessary documentation for the building permits and designs that go to make up the "volume" desired by the customer , but also pays attention to the personality of the client , his needs ,both manifest and latent .


To give life to a set of lines, space, light and the desired creation remain timeless in , both style and elegance.


To be able to call upon an Architect with over 40 years of experience means that you can be sure that, the desire for the house of your dreams, can come true..


Our STUDIO offers its clients, even for those living abroad, a clear and transparent set of services that can give peace of mind and swift response to the questions and needs of those who are considering the purchase of an asset / property in Italy .


Our experience allows us to organize in a short time a detailed "REPORT " for the client. A comprehensive co elation of information derived from meticulous investigations. Far exceeding that offered by an Estate Agent as it is conducted under the watchful eye of a professional acting for the best interest of his client.


The services offered, are divided into specific steps so that the client can follow the MODULAR and the performance of the Studio without having any hidden surprises.


In response to the demands and wishes of the client:


1. Direct Market Research of proprerties from estate agents


2. Technical Investigation in the planning department of the local council and a detailed  report prepared on the properties that have been identified as those that meet your       requirements.


3. Preparation of Technical Reports both in italian and english. photographic images and video of the properties until the client makes his/her final choice.


Interface between customer and real estate agent - we act on your behalf with the estate agencies to guarantee that you maximize your investment by saveing time and money


Security and protection in a transaction - our professional independence from the agencies and companies allow full freedom ' of movement and negotiation in favour of our customer


Serenity allowing the customer only to think of his dream - helping choose the best construction company. dealing with and sourcing the best material suppliers . by dealing through a professional studio that protects its clients and their investments erradicates the concerns one might have. allowing you the freedom to think only to your investment.


Advice on planning and technical solutions - our studio offers maximum availability to our clients needs. even after hours ' should a client have an urgent matter to resolve.

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