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To design and have manufactured an item of furniture in wood , custom and tailored made means to know one of the oldest forms of crafts.

Tables, chairs, desks, furnishings, take the personality of those who use them. The warmth of the shape the choice of colour to create a product that lives pleasantly alongside the owner in his home.


 To design and create a table that unites family and friends in your own home. The uniqueness of the piece brings testimony to the expert hands that have worked to create your vision for all the years to come

Years of professional practice throughout Tuscany-Umbria and Marche have created great experience.


The design and making of specialised parts for the use in the restoration of ancient villas, cottages (fixtures, fittings , kitchens and stairs), have allowed the Studio of Architecture Bianchi to merge new technologies with the mastery of the old artisans to savour, the scent of wood throughout the home.

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